Hadithi Afrika: Audio Recordings of Kids' Stories

Hadithi Afrika is a online collection of of free high-quality recordings of kids'... all with an African twist.

JS-Apps: A collection of quirky single-page apps

Not too long ago, I was playing a numbers game with my daughter when I realised that, while I enjoyed her response, I felt that it required considerable effort. It was a rather simple game: naming double-digit numbers, which required me to pick double digit numbers at random. Part …

ahds: Python package to read Amira/Avizo files

Overviewahds is a Python package to parse and handle Amira (R) files. It was developed to facilitate reading of Amira (R) files as part of the EMDB-SFF toolkit.Licenseahds is free software and is provided under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.Copyright 2017 EMBL …

African Names

Want to know what your African name means? Check out this free resource. If you know the meaning of your African name then share it with the world.

styled: Style your terminal with ease!

IntroductionWelcome to styled, a simple Python package that makes a breeze of writing beautiful text to the terminal. The main innovation behind styled is the dead-simple user interface which does away with the user's need to know anything other than the style names. Behind the scenes styled handles …

python-units: A Python package to natively work with SI Units

The current version 0.1.2 is available from PyPI by typingpip install python-units python-units currently works in both Python 2.7 and Python 3 though this is merely coincidental than planned. There are likely to be some breakages so let me know of any issues by posting to