Adobe Failing to Read the Writing on the Wall

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago | Originally written on 3 May 2022

Adobe has been the darling of the creative industry for decades but it's insistence on it's cloud-only package model may soon result in its demise. The fact that people literally beg and cry to get it at a more affordable price is a sign that it has managed to establish itself as an industry standard. But that may not be enough to save them given the growing resentment and users who are being forced to stop using its software. One user pleaded to get a better deal given that her struggling studio would not be able to break even with the current price structure. The response she go told her that she may either need to re-examine her career choice of pass on the costs to her clients:

"If your career doesn't afford you the cost of your tools, maybe it's time to examine why.  Perhaps you just need to charge a little more to cover your expenses."

When will Adobe open its eyes and read the writing on the wall?